Like everyone else, Cobaltix has had to adapt to the current pandemic climate. The difference is that we aren’t just surviving, we're enabling our clients to gain ground during this challenging time. We have been critical strategic advisors to our clients while they move to a more remote model. Our expertise has proven invaluable.

In early March, we worked closely with companies to help them move to a work-from-home model early, setting up infrastructure and working with individuals to avoid bad outcomes well before the Bay Area closed down. As the shelter-in-place orders began to wear on through April, we started to work with our clients to help them move their businesses forward. We strategically improved infrastructure, optimized at-home work environments, introduced new SaaS tools, and helped our clients take advantage of video conferencing in ways others are just beginning to understand. We have also worked to tighten security and improve efficiency, making our clients incredibly safer and each person on their teams more productive.

Not all of our clients are working from home, though. Many of those we support are essential businesses in a variety of industries (like health care, food and infrastructure). We have been able to help our clients deliver on their promises even during the pandemic and the toughest economic environment we have seen in the Bay Area in a century, truly advancing their capabilities, even as many of them expand their workforces and ask their people to do more. We have built in flexibility using technology that has allowed companies to grow during this time.

Every Cobaltix Compliance client with a Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) also had the advantage of having gone through the exercise of planning for a pandemic—something we do with every BCP. We cannot emphasize enough the advantage that these companies have had, and we will continue to recommend this type of planning to all of our clients.

While well prepared, we have also been learning lessons that we have been able to share among our clients, including working with our clients to get PPE, sharing information about safety and sanitizing practices, and quickly communicating legal and regulatory information. Our network of clients and friends has proven invaluable as we have had notice of changes, sometimes gaining valuable information days in advance as things were changing. We have also acted as a conduit, connecting our clients to each other.

It goes without saying that we are taking incredible precautions (well beyond what has been mandated) for the safety of both our employees and our clients. We’ve found that a little common sense goes a long way.

We look forward to continuing to help our existing clients, our newest clients (yes, we are still growing), and if you are interested in gaining the advantages inherent in working with Cobaltix…You.